The Multilingual Online Resource Centre for all victims of domestic abuse in France and the professionals who support them

Whether you are French or not, you will find tools and information in our dedicated step-by-step guides, including contact details for relevant support services near you.

Unsure if your partner’s or ex-partner’s behaviour counts as domestic abuse?

Worried about someone else and don’t know how to help them?

1 in 3 women experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. It can happen to anyone.

Domestic abuse comes in many forms and they are not always physical.

Perpetrators of domestic abuse often seem like nice, generous, respectful people.

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This online resource centre was made for people of all genders.

At Women for Women France, we recognise the harmful effects of heteronormative and gender binary language. 

However, to ensure everyone has access to our content, including screen reader users or people with dyslexia for example, we have had to use gendered language in languages without any gender-neutral options.

The genders we chose were guided by the fact that the overwhelming majority of domestic abuse cases concern men abusing women.

For police intervention:

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