Women for Women France makes the accessibility of its services a priority.

Particular care has been taken to enable all users of the site to understand
and use its content without difficulty, including people living with disabilities.

This site was developed according to the recommendations of the General Government Accessibility Guidelines (RGAA) and W3C standards, in particular the part concerning accessibility called “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)”.

We paid special attention to the choice of fonts and the colour contrast.

On each page, you can:

  • navigate with the tools used by people living with visual disabilities (speech synthesis or braille displays)
  • navigate without using the mouse, with the keyboard only or via a touch screen
  • zoom with your keyboard or mouse to customise the size of the characters according to your comfort.

The site can be adapted to all screen sizes, regardless of the device used (computer, tablet, telephone).

Our teams are committed to constantly improving the accessibility of our site to enable everyone to find the information they need.

For police intervention:

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