Our work

Our mission is to empower foreign-born people facing domestic violence in France to assert their rights, re-establish independence, and thrive.

Our why

1 in 3 women will be confronted by domestic abuse in their lifetime

Foreign-born people are particularly vulnerable when confronted with domestic abuse.

Power and control

The best known definition of domestic abuse is known as coercive control.

Perpetrators of coercive control have more ways to control and dominate their foreign-born partner through social isolation, and by creating an administrative and financial dependence.

A complex system 

French Government and Council of Europe research has found the French system surrounding the access to protections, justice, and related services to be particularly complex and difficult to navigate, even for victims who were born and raised in France.

Research carried out by Women for Women France has found that people who have not grown up in France and/or who do not speak French have significant additional challenges and few places to turn to for support

Developed by foreign-born women, for foreign-born people.

Our program of work

All that Women for Women France does is centered around one goal: improving outcomes for all people confronted with domestic abuse in France regardless of their economic situation, migration status, or country of origin.

Creation and management of the national Online Resource Centre of Information

The Women for Women France website of information responds to the premiere need of people confronted by domestic violence: access to practical information that addresses their concerns and practical needs, in a language they can understand.

Working with France’s leading experts in their fields, we are able to provide practical, up-to-date information from finding immediate safety through to the reestablishment of independence.

The website is intended for all people, regardless of gender or nationality.


We propose tailored, research-based, and survivor-informed training to the following structures and professionals

  • Consular services
  • Police services 
  • Healthcare providers
  • Legal service providers 
  • Social workers
  • National School for the Judiciary
  • Employers

If your structure is interested in our training programs, please contact us at [email protected].

Research and survivor consultation

To ensure our programs and advocacy are informed by the latest research and the real lived experiences by people who have been confronted by domestic abuse we carry out research, including consultation with victims and survivors on a periodic basis.

We are able to do this work thanks to our partnerships with universities and research organisations.

Research partnership proposals can be submitted to [email protected].

Working with institutions and services 

France is a signatory of the Istanbul Convention: the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

We work closely with institutions and services to identify gaps and provide reform recommendations.

Public and victim outreach campaigns

Our communication efforts are ambitious: we want all people living in France regardless of what language they speak to know their rights. 

We also work to combat common misconceptions about domestic abuse.

National support service

Women for Women France is currently putting in place a national support service so foreign-born people confronted with domestic abuse can access personalised support on their pathway to reestablishing safety and independence.

If you are interested in becoming a financial partner for this vital service please contact us at [email protected].

For police intervention:

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