Verify my eligibility for French residency rights

This questionnaire has been designed to help you determine the reasons or “fondements” that could give you residency rights in France. It is only for people currently in France. The questionnaire is completely anonymous.

Select the various criteria that correspond to your situation

Algerian citizens

Your right to reside in France is governed by a bilateral agreement between France and Algeria. Therefore, the provisions of the legislation governing French residency rights called “Code de l’entrée et du séjour des étrangers et du droit d’asile (CESEDA)” does not apply to you. We have added a section dedicated to Algerian citizens within each result when the conditions to obtain various French residency rights are different for you.

I am a citizen of a European Union member state

You have the right to reside in France provided you have sufficient resources. You are generally not required to have a residence permit or “titre de séjour”.

For police intervention:

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